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October 20, 2008



Um, hold up! Mother's is out of business?!!!

What in the she-devil am I going to do without my Taffy Sandwich cookies or the Frosted Animal cookies?!

Next time I'm at Macey's I'm stocking up and pray they have any left.


SHUT UP!!!!!!! I'm off to Target to see if they have any animal cookies left!!!!!! (Sobbing)


oh...this is really sad. stoopid oreos are killing the competition.


WHAT?! No way Mother's is shutting their doors. No way! I will be SO sad without Taffy Sandwich cookies. We loved those growing up. And Circus Animal Cookies?! I just can't believe it.


It was really nice to run and not listen to Music - Way easier I am not sure why? Probably because I have been training without music!!! I want to get a GPS watch so I don't have to take my I-Pod Anymore!!!

Grace M.

What!? No more TAFFY's. Waahh! I am adding them to my grocery list and stocking up!

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