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March 07, 2011


Erin Haubner

Hey- I have not checked blogs much lately...tonight just started randomly clicking thru a bunch that are bookmarked and saw this. I am so sorry to hear about what your family has been going through and of course your mom's diagnosis hits home for me...I understand what you are going through and am willing to lend an ear or heart if you ever need it :) Erin


Oh my heck, that all is pretty dang crazy. Jill's MIL just had a mastectomy on Monday. I'm so sorry you guys are all going through all of this. One of those things would be plenty. Hang in there. ;)


Lets do lunch! We need to talk and we don't get to often enough! And one more thing.....



goodness, that's a lot to deal with. i hope things start looking up and especially that your mom gets healthy.


Holy Moly Clisty, that's a plate full. Sorry for your FIL and your poor doggie. And prayers for your mom, hang in there!


:( HANG IN THERE! We're here to help any way we can!

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