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November 08, 2008


April Ballou

Ok you silly I wouldn't go as far as to call it "White trash" maybe low class. ha ha. The ONLY reson I got a Bosch is that my sweet Daddy bought it for me. I must say though it is wonderful. And it can make a huge batch of anything! Ask Santa for one , then maybe you'll be as cool as me.


Kitchen Aid RULES!!! All the cooks on Food Network use 'em. What does that tell ya? I prefer KA over Bosch personally.

I don't have a food processor either. But, you can use a blender like one sometimes (probably not for that pie crust, but I'm just saying you can with some things). I never let it stop me--you shouldn't either.


I hope he proves me wrong too. I would really love to see him follow through with his Health care crap he threw out there. If only middle class self employed people could afford health ins. It is so dang expensive.

The church asked all us Las Vegans to call CA residents on the prop 8 issue. It was very interesting.


I secretly wanted Palin to win so they would keep featuring her on SNL. Hi-larious. Obama and Biden just aren't as funny. Oh and of course I care about all the other "important" stuff too.

Grace M.

Okay I have to chime in here... As a "minority" I really want to be happy about Obama in office but it's just not happening. I feel like this guy has just pulled the wool over our country's eyes. Forget about his politics for a second and let's take a peek at his character and judgement. If McCain had attended a church for 20 years of his life and the pastor was a white supremacist,do you think the American people would be as accepting? And all he said about it was, "I didn't know his views". Um hello!

How will this guy be able to make a decision as president when he couldn't even make a decision as a senator having the most "present" votes in the Senate!

Anyway, I too hope he proves me wrong. At the end of the day he is my president and I guess I have no choice than to stand behind him now.

Cari Ham

ok, lets forget for a moment about his ludicrous tax plan- what about his civilian militia??? When asked what they would be for he replied to enforce my policies???? Wow, didn't know this was HIS country alone. Does the gestapo and Hitler come to anyone's mind but mine? He sounded good at his time to so many people as well. Are we going to have to register our guns and ammo so they can be taken away? I hope not. Do you know what he did the morning after he was elected? Researched exactly what things he could do on his own with his presidential power that didn't need the congress's permission. I am flippin runnin scared. I actually think there are probably many people out there who hate our country who are laughing thier tushies off saying I can't believe that naive American Public!!! Who would have thought??? He wants to decrease our military defense so that it makes other countries happy??? Well OF COURSE THAT WOULD MAKE THEM HAPPY!!! Why don't we just gift wrap ourselves!!! Having said that . I hope to heaven I am wrong and this is all false. Time will tell. Hmmmm, imagine how the Prophet keeps telling us BE PREPARED get some money and food on hand over and over and over.....

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