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November 14, 2008


Keli Clayton

Aww, cute.

You gotta keep 'em separated.

Love that song.


Wow! That Allison is beautiful!


cute what is the occasion?

Tammy Jones

Very cute! So tell me this, when Geneva is a bit older am I going to be straightening her hair every day? As a mother of 5 do you actually take part in this daily ritual??? How do you have the time!?!

BTW... I was gifted the pleasure of a surprise "Momma gets to sleep in today" so the fauxnuts will be attempted tomorrow morning!



tammy you very well could be on the daily straightening schedule like I am. And yes, unfortunately, up until a few months ago, I actually was doing that for Allison each and every day. But only since she began jr high (she's in 8th)did she begin wearing it straightened. About a month into this school year I snapped and told her she had to step up and do the straightening herself, I couldn't hack the 6 am hair call any longer.
My problem now is that she and I use the same equipment, which means she does her hair in my bathroom. Totally defeating the purpose of her own bathroom. I need to get her own flat iron now $$$$$$$


Very cute!! What's the occasion?

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