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November 12, 2008


Jill Johnson

Is that pic of Mike really long or is that my computer. I love the faux-nuts idea. We may steal it. Not the name. Have fun at the Mayan don't get scared.

Tammy Jones

Happy Birthday Mike!

Your retelling of the lift fiasco has me laughing out loud! I can imagine the ride back down and all the "looks." Hilarious.

Now, about those faux-nuts... I need details. Do I have to have a deep fryer to pull them off?


Happy BDay Mike! I want a photo of the birthday crown--on Mike. :-) So cute. What a thoughtful Nina. Always making me like her even more. ;-)

Faux-nuts. Must try. They serve them at Chinese buffets (coated in regular sugar and with the holes). I love those, even if they will probably cause me a heart attack.

Cari Ham

Wow , the Mayan? Sure hope you enjoy those cheese wiz enchiladas they serve!!!!


The faux nuts must have turned out alright. You had no need for the fry daddy...Are there any leftovers?

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