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July 05, 2009


Cari Ham

Hey Shrub! So great on the race!! Looks like someone has been to Lu Lu Lemon. I managed to pick up 3 pairs of cropped pants in different styles for me and 2 for Ren. Can't wait to hear if she loves them as much as I do!!!


But you did it! You are awesome! :-)


Good job! You have become a running fool!


WOW! You're my hero! MAYBE Someday I'll do a 10k.


You got to do a half now! Your a pro at the 5k skip the 10k go for a half - then we can get a group together and run the wasatch back next year.


just joined up in a group for the Wasatch Back 2010. I am more scared of the half marathon now than ever. But I will force myself to do it. Right now though, I have to buy some better running shoes. My Shox are rubbing my feet wrong and I have to be able to go farther than 6 miles without foot problems, shouldn't I?
baby steps.

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