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September 20, 2009



Wish I'd known when I was buying Taylor's clothes for school. The prices on uniform stuff is cheaper that Target. :(


This is a tug-o-war I have played and lost. It humors me that places like buckle can charge $70 for a t-shirt yet there so overly adorned (sorry all you bling lovers) that a 30something *cough* like myself feels too old to wear. The alternative cheap shirt at Aero, also too old. What the...am I supposed to go naked? On a better note, I have found cheap, age appropriate tops at forever 21 with no names on. I guess it's almost time for the red and purple hat club :)


Well, shopping at Aero is high brow for us. It's mostly Target and Wal-Mart around here, maybe an occasional sale at Children's Place or something, if I'm feeling extravagant). Sahara loved her bag (THANKS!), but we'll have to return the shirt as I don't like how snug it is. ;-) I'm a prude with that one. OK, with everything. But you already knew that.

Thank heavens we get Nolan-hand-me-downs!

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