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October 11, 2009



OK, I'm actually digging the 'Touch 'n Brush'. Although I'll need one for adults and kids.

We are a block from the church and I love that we walk over when time and callings demand. Although today as the kids full on boobed and screamed, as I dragged them home, one in each hand, that half block seemed like forever.


Are you a blog name dropper?! :)
Good luck with all the birthdays. I know how you feel, but at least mine are all in two months, not one week (well I guess half my kids are in the same week:P)


Maren is dying for a touch n brush (they are at wally world) What is a Power Wheel?


Now I don't have a single doubt it my mind that Nina was meant for Ryland.


Cambree wanted the Touch n Brush too! Those darn commercials during kids' cartoons!
Stephanie Meyer? What's up with that?


Sorry...that was me above. I didn't finish typing my name I guess!

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