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November 07, 2010



Your first mistake was buying them as Costco. Duh. If you want the comfy real scrubs, you totally have to steal them from the hospital. They've been washed and washed so many times in the harshest of chemicals, that they are like buttah. Buttah, I say. I used to say I "spilled" body fluids on myself so I could get a new pair of scrubs. Not my fault if they never made it back to the hospital.


oh Clisty... I'm just shaking my head.... LOL Scrubs... really?


I say, skip the trip to Costco for scrubs and come visit me. We'll take a trip to one of the best places ever-- the Lazy One outlet store. The most comfortable pj pants I've ever owned for $5. Plus, you get really cute Moose prints (don't worry, Val already knows and loves this place) or bears or whatever else you would want in woodland creatures.

The ones I have say "text Moos-aging" on it. LOVE THEM :)


I'm totally with Keli on this one! I was gonna say the same thing :)
My first pair came from MAMC (Madigan Army Medical Center hospital) in Ft. Lewis Washington state. The ex was in the medical field and he was active duty Army. The scrubs I had were mens xtra large (my ex was 6 foot and like 220lbs and the scrubs had to fit over street clothes) so they completely drowned me but VERY NICE and comfy. And it was a plus that I still had them many many moons later when I had left him, divorced, dated around and then met my new hubby, got married, had fun for a year and then got preggers with the twins...they fit over my HUGE belly!


I do not own a pair of scrubs but I've wanted to for that reason...everyone says they're comfy...maybe I won't worry about it.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I guess I'm not totally alone except you failed to mention if any of your kids ever peed in the garbage can...so I'm thinking none of them did. Lucky.


I think the crotch to waistband term is the 'rise'. IMO A big rise makes a person look like Urkel or a wannabe 90's O.G. If you want real comfort just wear one of those hospital gowns around the house.

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